Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Procedure

MrBackup is proud to confirm its 100% DATA RECOVERY SUCCESS rate.


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MrBackup offers basic data restoration to the client as an included service. This means that in a typical disaster recovery situation,MrBackup will physically hand over a copy of the last backed up data to the client on a CD ROM or similar. The standard MrBackup recovery logic is Last In, First Out on the assumption that the most recent upload is the preferred recovery option. However, in the event that the most recent upload is damaged, incomplete or faulty and the client requests any other of the currently available data sets, such additional data sets can be recovered and handed over to the client. Please note, the data resides on a secure server, with a minimum 24-hour recovery time. This means that data is not available to be downloaded and recovered at will.


MrBackup is only responsible for making and storing the actual backup. Clients are advised to contact their various software vendors and validate their existing software licenses. Please note that in the event of data recovery, such recovered data needs to be restored to a new software installation and the support of a knowledgeable Software Specialist will be required.


The timeline presented below is descriptive of the sequence of events and steps taken in a typical Disaster Recovery situation. It is not presented as a Disaster Recovery Plan and should not be considered definitive in any way. This timeline may be printed for use as a checklist.

Download Disaster Recovery Timeline Download Disaster Recovery Timeline

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Disaster Recovery Timeline to resumption of normal business activities
Date  Event
  Data backed up: Last Known Good Backup
  Incident occurs
  Event Detected
  Evaluation of Event and Consequences
  Classification of Event as Disaster 
[Routine/Simulation] [Minor] [Major] [Catastrophic]
  Recovery Forecast:
• Projected Recovery Point Objectives
• Projected Recovery Time Objectives
  Client contacts MrBackup: Agent responsible for client account
  Client informs own clients, IT and vendors of loss; requests assistance
  Client validates original software licenses, obtains upgrades or re-installation of software
  Client confirms that software will be compatible with new hardware, OS and recovered data
  MrBackup — data requested from Secure Server. 24 hour waiting time
  MrBackup — data available from Secure Server
  Client requests IT support: purchase new hardware
  Client requests IT support: new hardware available
  Client requests IT support: re-installation of software on new client hardware
  MrBackup — data handed over to client
  Client requires vendor Software Specialists to restore recovered data to new client systems. 
NOTE Certain data types, such as SQL data and OS system files can not be restored by a simple file copy & paste
  Client verifies that restored data matches expectations
  Projected Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives met?
  Client evaluates current backup procedures and re-formulates recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives
  Client continues normal business activities

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