SNAPSHOT backups, Continuous Archiving and Point-in-Time Recovery

Written by  on May 11, 2016 


MrBackup implements a snapshot backup model particularly suitable for small business. This methodology allows for a full backup of all relevant data at a specific point-in-time. There are several advantages to this including:

  • a full backup every time
  • ease of backup versioning
  • low administrative burden
  • rapid restoration

Point-in-Time-Recovery conforms to the Snapshot model used and will correspond to a given backup.

The typical workflow of many small businesses appear to follow a cyclical high-low pattern. It is during these low demand periods that full snap shot backups can be made with almost no impact on operational activities.

This means that MrBackup’s file-system-level backups are ideally suited for use in the small business environment, and cannot be used as part of a continuous-archiving solution.

Continuous Archiving

For enterprise level operations, continuous archiving may be more suitable, as it does not require access to all system resources or data at any specific time.

By implication MrBackup does not allow for a warm standby backup.

SQL data

When dealing with sensitive data, such as SQL databases, it is important to understand the nature of the data, and decide on the most suitable backup type. With smaller SQL databases, MrBackup offers a perfect solution with a point-in-time snapshot, while this solution may not be effective for big data in enterprise level operations.

Just another reason why MrBackup is a great solution for small business data backups!

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