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MrBackup uses a licensed agent client contact business model. MrBackup is available world wide and is not limited to a specific country, product, or service. Any electronic information, or data, on any computer, in any country, can be backed up using the MrBackup service. If you know the name of your MrBackup agent, please contact your agent directly.


If you are a new client, or an existing client requiring contact with your agent, please submit a Ticket, with as much contact details as possible and we will contact you. If possible, please provide your MrBackup Reference.


Prospective clients requesting a consultation or quotation are requested to submit a Ticket with their –

  • Name
  • Current Country and City
  • Backup needs (state application data needs etc)

Your query shall be forwarded to an agent who shall make all further arrangements, including a site visit, if necessary.




A PARTNER is a software company, which bundles MrBackup with its own software. Software companies in general specialize in their own software, and are not responsible for more than providing basic backup advice and functionality. MrBackup is a specialised managed backup service, which can be easily bundled to run with existing software. The Partner’s software design and database architecture will normally indicate which data is to be stored off-site by MrBackup. 

A BUNDLED solution typically means that MrBackup is seamlessly integrated with the existing data to ensure that backups are made within specified client parameters. Most often, the MrBackup software is installed to run in the background, without direct user intervention. The main advantage of this type of arrangement is that backups are guaranteed to be made, without relying on human intervention to initiate the process. 

Application software and its data can be seen as modular components, much like an envelope (software) and its contents (data). On the assumptions that the software is readily available from the vendor, and that such software needs to be re-installed in a total loss scenario, MrBackup generally does not include the software in its backup scheme. The data, which is the content of the envelope, changes daily, and just like envelopes come in different sizes, so each Application Software solution has its own unique data requirements. MrBackup is then configured to make dedicated ‘content’ backups: the data is backed up. Finding and defining the data of each Application Software solution is most often determined by the vendor’s requirements to restore the Application Software to a specific point in time, increasing Recovery Potential for the end user. For more information on Recovery Point Objectives, please see the Home Page. 

Vendors requiring more information on the partnership program, or interested in a white label service are requested to use the email link above.