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Here you can read what real people think of MrBackup:


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  1. Irene Venter says:

    We thank you for the services rendered.

  2. mossie says:

    Thanks for the excellent and efficient way that you saved our data and replaced it

  3. Marie De Jager Prokureurs says:

    What would we do without our consultants and Mr Backup. Whatever the problem they are always ready and willing to help. Thank you is such a small word for what you do for us, when all seems to fall apart. But that is the only word to use. Just know that we appreciate it.

  4. van Zyl Prokureurs says:

    We are a small law firm and have been using Mr. Backup for more than 2 years. Yesterday we lost our data due to a power dip during the weekend, however all our data was quickly restored by the team at Mr. Backup.

    I will recommend them to any business wishing to secure their data.

    Thank you!

  5. Charmaine says:

    We need to thank our software consultants who introduced us to MrBackup! Our data was today recovered thanks to MrBackup. We recommend MrBackup to all businesses. DG

  6. Emrette says:

    I am working for a professional firm. We use MrBackup for more than a year now.

    A few months back we lost all our data due to lightning damage to our server. Our back-up was recovered within 24 hours, before even the server was replaced. We received excellent service from our software consultant. He helped setting everything up again, we didn’t even lost one single entry!

    What an excellent product!!! I recommend this way of back-up to any business.

    Thank you

  7. Nadine says:

    I work for a small professional firm and we use MrBackup on our system. Sometime ago we lost our data due to power failures. I called my software consultants and received assistance immediately. I can vouch that the product works 100%. In less than a business day we had all our data back on the system.
    I recommend the product to any business or person, you will not make a mistake. I receive prompt and friendly assistance with my queries and this is what I require.
    Thank you

    (NOTE: This comment has been moderated to protect the identity of the client and poster.)

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