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Written by  on April 26, 2016 

MrBackup offers a variety of options to accommdate users when making backups:


The classic one-touch solutions associated with Windows! Simply click and forget. The actual backup process is pre-configured, which means that there are no options to select. Most typically a Desktop shortcut for the responsible user.

This option only works with direct user intervention.

Workflow normally involves a responsible user, often a freelancer, responsible for specific business tasks. Once these work parcels have been completed, the user simply clicks the button and the backup is made!


An elegant, non-intrusive solution for bigger clients running dedicated servers.

This option requires no direct user intervention. Once configured, it runs independently.

MrBackup is scheduled for a time when low demand for server and internet access resources are expected. The scheduler then starts the process independently and completes the backup.

This is the peace of mind solution for bigger firms.

start-up / shutdown

Smaller businesses often require frequent backups. This achieved by simply hooking in to the standard Windows start-up or shutdown sequence.

When the user starts the computer, a backup is initiated.

For some businesses a better solution is to simply leave the computer on and at a designated time after working hours, the computer initiates first a backup, and then a standard Windows Shutdown.

Start a backup the way that it suits your small business now!
At your service.

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