CloudDrive – Update 2018

Written by  on January 9, 2018 

The 2018 update of the CloudDrive sees improved used friendliness and ease of use.

In keeping with the CloudDrive design philosophy that the CloudDrive should be used as a local folder, the following changes have been implemented:

  • The CloudDrive will now remain persistent over reboots;
  • The CloudDrive will create it’s own shortcut on the Desktop;

The Desktop shortcut makes it possible to launch the CloudDrive at boot, which means that it will always be available.

Current CloudDrives will continue to work as before, but users are advised to upgrade to the current CloudDrive client for an improved user experience.

Due to Security restrictions implemented by Microsoft, first access of the CloudDrive will require the user to type in the CloudDrive password.  This is a Windows issue and not related to the CloudDrive.

Additionally, any files accessed on the CloudDrive using Microsoft Office software, such as Word or Excel, will also require the use to type the CloudDrive password. This is a Windows issue and not related to the CloudDrive.

Non-Office software, such as Notepad, or OpenOffice, LibreOffice etc will access and open CloudDrive documents without requesting passwords.


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