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CloudDrive Update!

The MrBackup CloudDrive is here!

What is the CloudDrive?

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The CloudDrive is a next logical step in moving towards online data security.  Just like a local area network (LAN) allows linked network enabled PCs to share files and folders, the CloudDrive allows authorized PCs to access a secure cloud-based shared work space.  This means that in a distributed collaborative work environment, it is not necessary to email documents to colleagues, or waste paper on repetitive document prints. Files and Folders can be easily shared between many different users.

Work from anywhere, share the documents at home, office or anywhere else that they need to be accessed.

Why use the MrBackup CloudDrive?


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MrBackup’s CloudDrive is not just a shared workspace, it uses a secure login based access protocol and keeps scheduled backups of the documents saved to the CloudDrive.  Its not just a another cloud based file sharing system… It’s a MrBackup Secure Remote Data Storage system!

Once a file has been saved to the MrBackup CloudDrive it is retained through a transparent versioning system, with automated backups.  This means that once a file has been put into the MrBackup CloudDrive, it can never be lost.

What you do need to use the CloudDrive is a broadband internet connection, such as fibre,  ADSL or LTE.

What you do not need is a server.



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