Reasons to use the CloudDrive

Written by  on May 2, 2017 

The CloudDrive allows users who work in geographically remote locations to share files and folders.  The CloudDrive content is backed up daily.



Access is secure.  Security is based on both a local certificate and an end-user password which are required to access the CloudDrive.

Small businesses often struggle with creating and maintaining data backup profiles.  With the MrBackup CloudDrive this is a thing of the past.  Simply put the data in the CloudDrive and the backups will take care of themselves.


How do I use the CloudDrive?

The CloudDrive is designed to look and feel just like a hard drive on your computer.  Simply click on it to access.  Create files and folders and save content as if it were part of your computer.


Why should I use the CloudDrive when there are free products in the market?

Those free products typically have two serious shortcomings:

  • Access is unsecured.
  • Little or no end-user access control exists.
  • No backups are kept of the content.  Files may be kept in a remote storage profile, but this data is unsecured and not backed up.

The MrBackup CloudDrive allows only secured access from pre-authorized computers and to ensure that only authorized individuals access the CloudDrive, an end-user password is required.

CloudDrive content backups are automated.

If data integrity and security are your concern, then this is the solution for your.



What is a backup of the CloudDrive?

Independent of user activity, the entire content of the CloudDrive is backed up to a remote server every 24 hours.  This means that once a backup has been made, even if the data on the CloudDrive is deleted, it can still be restored from an archive copy.


What kind of files can I save in the CloudDrive?

Any file types can be saved directly onto the CloudDrive, just like on a normal drive on a computer.  Office suite documents, such as letters, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, PDFs and similar are typically saved to CloudDrive folders.


How do I know my data is safe?

Each CloudDrive uses a unique set of user based login credentials.  The first layer of security is computer hardware based.  Only registered computers can log in to the CloudDrive.  The second layer of security requires a user password.  Only with both these items available is it possible to log in to the CloudDrive.

The backups are kept on an additional server which is not exposed to the internet.  This means that once a backup of a CloudDrive has been made, the backed up data is secure from tampering.


Data privacy and confidentiality?

The MrBackup CloudDrive is an ideal solution for businesses which require high levels of data security and data confidentiality.  If data protection compliance is a priority, then the MrBackup CloudDrive is your solution!



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