CloudDrive – User Guide

Written by  on April 26, 2017 

MrBackup’s CloudDrive allows end users who may be located in geographically physically remote locations to simultaneously access shared files and folders.

  • When starting up, or logging in on your Windows computer, the CloudDrive will not be connected.  This is a security feature to prevent unauthorized access to your CloudDrive.
  • Look for the CloudDrive icon on your Desktop, or it should be located in the C:\CloudDrive folder.  Double click the shortcut.
  • The CloudDrive activator will test your internet connection and request your password.
  • Note that the CloudDrive password is not stored locally and should never be kept on your computer.  Do not type the password into a text file!
  • Type the CloudDrive password into the box provided and wait for authentication.
  • Once authenticated, your CloudDrive should open in a Windows Explorer window.

Enjoy your CloudDrive experience


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