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MrBackup has an extensive client base in Southern Africa has recently expanded into Botswana. MrBackup provides secure off-site data storage solutions for a wide range of commercial and open source products for clients all over Southern Africa. MrBackup clients include a wide variety of small and micro enterprises, and many NGO’s, law firms, doctors and medical practices. You are not too small for off site backup!



Is that an External Hard Disk Drive you are carrying around? What did that External Hard Disk Drive cost? 
MrBackup can make and keep up to twelve backups for a much better price!


Compare this:

  • External Hard Disk Drive = one backup
  • MrBackup = 12 backups


If the best advice your service provider can give you is “We advise you to take your backup’s seriously” you should be talking to MrBackup today.


MrBackup works well with these Companies and Products

Med-e-Mass Med-e-Mass provides technologically advanced practice management software to virtually all disciplines in healthcare. Currently Med-e-Mass serve over 9000 professional healthcare practices. Med-e-Mass forms part of Bytes Healthcare Solutions a wholly-owned Bytes Technology Group subsidiary. MrBackup works well with Med-e-Mass.

Click here for more information on the MrBackup Med-e-Mass solution! 
Backup Med-e-Mass for BWP1670 annually! *T’s&C’s apply.


For more information about implementing MrBackup in Botswana, please send an email to 
Make sure to state your contact information and business address. Also indicate if you wish to join our partnership program.

MrBackup implements through a number of value added resellers and supports backup protocols for the following commercial software packages:

Designed for Windows, MrBackup can quickly and easily backup all computer files. 

Bare metal and OS recovery is not part of the MrBackup data storage scheme. Instead MrBackupassumes that critical data exists because of client’s business activities, created on a standard Windows computer. No special server or hardware is required. MrBackup works on ordinary Windows XP or Windows 7 computers, as well as Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. 
To attempt a backup of ‘everything’ is probably a waste of resources — instead identify the critical data, and make sure that data is properly backed up, regularly.

Microsoft Outlook    MrBackup can easily backup Microsoft Outlook files.  

Outlook keeps its email in personal storage folders. These files can be easily backed up and restored. Normal Microsoft restrictions apply. Your .pst file contains all the local Outlook folders, such as Calendar, Inbox, Tasks, Sent Items, Outbox, Deleted Items, and user-created folders. To automatically back up these folders, MrBackup can create a backup of your .pst files and stored them off-site. 
How to manage .pst files in Microsoft Outlook .

Sage’s Softline Pastel range can be easily and accurately backed up using MrBackup 

Designed for Small Business! Enterprise level organizations (large businesses) typically have their own custom data solutions and are not readily covered by the MrBackup solution.

Pastel XPRESS for small enterprises
Pastel PARTNER for medium sized enterprises
Softline VIP Payroll
Palladium Accounting 
Microsoft SQL Server – SQL Express

MrBackup is compatible with and uses SQLBackupAndFTP as a tool.  

Various commercial and open source products use SQL databases. SQL data exists in non-human readable format on disk. SQL data can not simply be backed up with a copy&paste. In order to make a usable SQL backup, it is typically necessary to export the SQL data into a file disk. It can be quite a complicated process. This link to LegalSuite shows just how complicated the process could be: MrBackup can automate this process.

Microsoft SQL Server is a common SQL back end product used by various commercial products, such as 

  • Palladium Accounting

Commercial software. Copyright Microsoft©
Works with SQLBackupAndFTP. 

TurboCash 4 is the best known user of this SQL product. Open source multi-platform. TurboCash 4 uses FireBird 2.1 which is not suitable for making hot backups. It is suggested that the backup process be initiated only after the completion of a TurboCash 4 user session. 
Works with SQLBackupAndFTP. 

dBase uses the well known .DBF file name extension. Many applications use these files, originating with dBase 3 and later. Note that .DBF file format could also indicate a FoxPro database. Internal file structure and format differs between applications: dBase III and FoxPro uses the same .DBF extension, but the internal file content is not necessarily compatible. Also, FoxPro will by default create a runtime .BAK file while editing a .DBF file. 

  • Microsoft Works supports this file format
  • Med-e-Mass installations
Microsoft Access is the back end data storage solution of choice for a large number of SME’s. Many custom software solutions are developed using this product.

  • Many Custom software solutions implement MS Access as a primary data storage solution.

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