backup fatigue

Written by  on March 18, 2016 

Let’s face it, making a backup is boring

An effective backup strategy will include regular backups to be made of the source data. Regular here has the meaning of at frequent intervals, where these intervals will be short enough to avoid data loss.

Bear in mind that Enterprise level software, justifies Enterprise level backup solutions, which may include automatic, continuous backups.

For SMEs the cost of such software solutions may not be a viable option.

When making backups, various options present themselves. Full Disk backups, suitable for bare metal recovery scenarios or small selective backups of business critical systems may be done. Often the type and size of the data determines the type of backup to be made. In addition a suitable media has to be chosen to host the backup. Many options are available. Typical solutions include using CDs or DVDs, External Hard Disk Drives or Flash Disks, even Cloud based solutions.

Make a backup

Regardless of the solution chosen, the most important aspect of a backup procedure is the actual making of a backup. Somebody, somewhere must initiate the backup. Somebody must press a button. This is exactly the problem: repetitive boring tasks such as starting a backup or waiting for a backup to complete quickly leads to backup fatigue.

Verify the backup
Also, once the actual backup is made, that backup needs to be verified. The contents needs to be inspected in order to confirm that the backup contains the expected data and that it is useful for its intended purpose: restoration in the event of data loss. Much like making a backup is boring, so inspecting a backup quickly gets old.

Backup Fatigue

Backup fatigue sets in when the designated individual responsible for any of the tedious tasks involved with backups becomes so bored as to neglect these basic tasks. Examples of behavior indicative of backup fatigue include disinterest in the backup process, disregard for the quality of the backup, failure to make scheduled backups and uncertainty of the actual backup content.

MrBackup does not get tired or bored. MrBackup will make repeated backups of the same data and never lose interest. Even where a scheduled backup fails due to any reason, MrBackup will pick up the procedure for next backup and continue with the next expected backup.

In order to facilitate making backups, MrBackup offers three non-exclusive alternatives: scheduled, click, or start-up/shutdown. All of these option may be used, removing the burden of initiating the backup from an individual.

Designed for SMEs, MrBackup will never suffer from backup fatigue.

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