End User License Agreement

This page contains an document_download_icon_blackexcerpt of the applicable End User License Agreement (EULA).  This page is not the EULA. The EULA and Email Disclaimer are contained in the adjacent link. Please download the EULA here. 





In addition to, and not limiting any other restrictions imposed in terms of the EULA or other applicable laws or arrangements, the content of the data stored by MrBackup, either in a storage profile, or in a CloudDrive, with its associated storage profile, shall not contain any data associated or related to any crime, or terror activities.  Any data associated with anti-social behaviour, including creation or storage of computer virus, malware or ransomware or similar shall not be allowed and may result in the immediate termination of the connection and/or secure remote data storage agreement.

MrBackup reserves the right not to make or keep backups of end-user data that it considered dangerous to its continued operations.


Please note that as MrBackup is a subscription service, the general opt-in opt-out rules contained in the Data Protection Act (UK) and the General Data Protection Regulation only apply as far as opt-out applies. Upon cancellation of an agreement client data will be destroyed.  Data will not be mined or sold to third parties.  Client confidentiality is critical to the operations of MrBackup.


 Private Certification Authority

MrBackup is a private internal Certification Authority, issuing digital certificates for internal use by MrBackup clients. Typically public keys are not released into the public domain.

MrBackup digital certificates are issued for internal usage only.

Certificates are not issued to third parties.




MrBackup reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revoke any certificate immediately and without prior notice in the event that such a certificate appears compromised or expired. All rights not expressly granted to the end user are reserved.


MrBackup is responsible for the generation, exchange, storage, safeguarding, use, vetting, and replacement of all digital certificates used in data encryption, transmission and storage. For more information, please see the Wikipedia entry on the use of Public Key Certificates.
From the Wikipedia:


MrBackup digital certificates comply with IETF Trust recommendations:

MrBackup file uploads are verified with hash-based message authentication codes that use the MD5 fingerprint algorithm, which complies with IETF Trust recommendation:

This is not a security application.



MrBackup uses 1024 bit SSH-2 RSA certificates, over an SSL connection.





MrBackup is a managed secure remote data storage solution provided to end-users, and uses a number of software components to achieve its objectives. The MrBackup Application, normally MrBackup.exe, is copyrighted and proprietary, it is supplied in a machine-readable form of object code only. You shall not have nor be entitled to obtain the solution in source code. All rights are reserved. The license granted to the End User is non-transferable, limited, specific use license. This component may not be shared or changed and it is not ‘free software,’ shareware, freeware or similar. The custom remote server applications are independent of the MrBackup application, are proprietary and are subject to copyright.

MrBackup is an indepent business entity and provides software independent data backup solutions. MrBackup is not owned by nor affiliated to Microsoft Corporation.

MrBackup does however make use of a number of free software works. These works have not been ‘changed’ as envisaged by the various applicable licensed and are used as originally released by their respective authors. These works are not compiled into, nor required exclusively by the MrBackup application. This means that (a) the MrBackup application is not a derivative of these various works and (b) that the MrBackup application exists separately and can function separately from any particular such free software work.

Due to the very flexible nature of the MrBackup application a substantial number of free software works and shareware applications are compatible with MrBackup. The applicable licenses can be found on the respective sites. This list follows no particular order and is illustrative, neither limited nor exhaustive. Note that the shareware, freeware or open source resources listed below are not required by the MrBackup application to function, nor re-sold. Typically not all of these resources are deployed simulataneously. This list does not contain any commercial or pay-for-use solutions. Please also note the typical ‘no warranty’ nature of these resources.

MrBackup uses the MD5 protocol for data verification. MD5 is not recommended, nor used, as a security protocol. Additional information appears on the Technical Specifications page, on this site.


Additional solutions, subject to independent licensing terms and conditions may be used by MrBackup. These licenses apply to both MrBackup and the End User and apply in addition to this license.

All other brand names, copyright rights, logo’s, images and notices are copyright of the respective copyright holders and not claimed by MrBackup. Logo’s or images are used for illustrative purposes only.

This list is provided for illustrative purposes only.

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