MrBackup’s CloudDrive allows end users who may be located in geographically physically remote locations to simultaneously access shared files and folders.

  • When starting up, or logging in on your Windows computer, the CloudDrive will not be connected.  This is a security feature to prevent unauthorized access to your CloudDrive.
  • Once authenticated, your CloudDrive should open in a Windows Explorer window.


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The CloudDrive is a next logical step in moving towards online data security.  Just like a local area network (LAN) allows linked network enabled PCs to share files and folders, the CloudDrive allows authorized PCs to access a secure cloud-based shared work space.  This means that in a distributed collaborative work environment, it is not necessary to email documents to colleagues, or waste paper on repetitive document prints. Files and Folders can be easily shared between many different users.

Work from anywhere, share the documents at home, office or anywhere else that they need to be accessed.


The CloudDrive is designed specifically for small business users who do not require File Server, or Active Directory implementations.  It is primarily aimed at creating a central repository for files and folders which are used in a distributed collaborative environment.

The CloudDrive is limited to ordinary files and folders, in use on Microsoft Windows computers.  The CloudDrive is not available for use on Apple or Linux (nor Unix) operating systems.  Typical file name extensions such as .doc, .docx, .odt, .rtf, .txt for word processor documents are common.  For more details, please see the EULA and disclaimer.  In addition, no information pertaining to crimes or terror activities may be stored on the CloudDrive.

In addition to ordinary operational usage of the CloudDrive, MrBackup makes regular, scheduled backups of the contents of the CloudDrive.  In order to track CloudDrive content, a metadata  catalogue of the contents of each such backup is available.

Enjoy your CloudDrive experience